This All-Star Weekend, February 16-18, Representatives from both the NBA Players Association and the NBA Referees will meet to discuss officiating problems.

No one ask me but here’s what needs to happen before NBA Basketball continues to resemble “Roller Derby” and someone gets seriously hurt:

  1. Start enforcing Rule #10 where palming and running with the ball is a violation.   Also stop the mugging in the low post.
  2. Eliminate the number of no-calls by doing away with the video evaluation on every call.  Right or wrong, let’s encourage the Referees to make calls rather than swallow the whistle.
  3.  Use video replay only in the last 2 or 3 minutes of the 4th quarter. This will insure that the proper call is being made in a crucial part of the game.

Y’all better listen to me because there is no one alive that has seen more NBA and ABA professional basketball games than me.   In all of my years in pro-basketball no one has had more interaction with referees than Al Bianchi.