1. For years, in the NBA, the home team wore their white uniforms and of course, road teams wore their team colors.    I don’t know why they changed it and now we have to watch  teams with some of the ugliest uniforms ever seen.
  2. Why the hell do teams travel players that are injured […]
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Courtesy of Mister Research

Jack Kent Cooke’s “Fabulous Forum” was the NBA’s first modern arena when it opened late in 1967 at Inglewood, California. Construction cost some $16.5 million.

Put another way, the money spent to construct the Forum was less than half of the $33-plus million LeBron James will be paid next season by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Admittedly, $16.5 million, […]

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Booker and 70 Points

We all know Devin Booker is special. No question. And scoring 70 points is a quite a feat, especially so at age 20. There are players today you could put in a gym all by themselves for half a day and they wouldn’t score 70 points. However, after Booker’s big game, Boston’s Jae Crowder nailed […]

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Impact of 3-Pointers

Remember the ABA? You know, the league with the much-ridiculed red, white and blue ball, and a bunch of little guys running around shooting 3s? The latter weapon was introduced to help the little guy in a game dominated by big men. It also mostly was used to allow a team hopelessly behind a chance […]

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Anthony Davis and Wilt

Anthony Davis, no question, is a special player. But, please, don’t compare his walk-in-the-park 52 points with Wilt Chamberlain’s previous record high of 42, which had stood for 55 years.
Of that that clash, won by the West, 150-130, in the St. Louis Arena, the hometown Post-Dispatch observed, “The game was hard fought, despite the fact […]

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NBA in the “Golden Age”

Saturday, while in Mexico City, Commissioner Adam Silver said “the NBA is in the Golden Age of Basketball.” [I’m sure he meant to capitalize the phrase, too.] I hope he is correct, because there are a few of us that were there from the beginning that are still around. So, when they begin sharing that […]

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NBA Roller Derby

You all see it, night after night, game after game, whether it’s OKC-San Antonio, or Toronto-Indiana, or Golden State-Portland. After the game, Ken Mauer says we should have seen Waiters fouling Ginobli. And the league’s day-after “two-minute report” says DeRozan made “body contact” with Mahinmi, “dislodging him and affecting his ability to catch the alley-oop […]