The Thunder and Westbrook:
My wife and I just got back from dinner.  While at dinner, I said to her, I’ll bet Durant could probably get 40 tonight.  Well, we just tuned in and it looks like from watching the half time show that Durant is doing pretty good. I have always felt that at […]

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Even if you don’t like the Lakers, you have to sympathize with the coaching staff.  The Players are all banged up and they could go out in 4.  And while the game is going on their  “super star” is tweeting.  Then he decides to stop tweeting saying the focus should be on the team. […]

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Topic:Lance Blanks
Earlier this week Lance Blanks, Phoenix Suns GM, was fired.  Don’t blame Lance Blanks, blame the people that hired him.  Most everyone knew he was in over his head.  My guess is that it was not a Lon Babby hire either.  So, how does a guy get hired?  My guess again is after […]

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A few days ago, 4/20/2013, I said “The Thunder Can Win it ALL”.  There are two reasons why I made that prediction:
1. I was hoping that they, the Thunder, could make Russell Westbrook  understand that Kevin Durant needs to take at least 25 shots a game and at least 10 more than he takes.

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The Thunder can win it all.If the Heat win in the East they will not beat the Thunder and i will tell you why later. Stay tuned…

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Kobe and the Media hype:
 I’ve been around for a long time  and I have seen all of the good ones.  So let me give you an observation from an old guy.  Jordan made everyone around him better.  James has learned how to keep everyone around him involved.  Kobe makes spectators out of everyone.

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 I was struck by Paul Pierce’s tweet on how “sad” the NBA brothers were over Kobe’s injury.  I wondered if the players ever thought about how they could seriously injure a fellow player by taking a hard foul.  I have very strong feelings on how this should be handled and we will talk about  that […]

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Back when I was playing for the Syracuse Nationals, Maurice Podoloff, was the NBA Commissioner. One day when he was in Syracuse, I heard him talking about a player and he said quote”that young man has had several peregrinations “. At first, I really didn’t know what […]
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Doing some research for my book, I came across the AP article in the Phoenix paper, Arizona Republic, titled, “Fifty Years Later-Shot Clock Has Timeless Value”.  In the article, it outlines how Danny Biasone, the Father of the 24 Second Clock, arrived at that number.  We all know how the clock changed the […]

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Dragic and Curry: In my last blog of April 6, when Golden State played at Phoenix, I said that it appeared that Dragic may have gotten the best of Curry.  I said not true and here is why.  Dragic shot 11 for 13 for 32 points and had 3 assists and was responsible […]

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