A Medley of Observations

— Baseball has launched, both hockey and the NBA are in their playoff seasons, but what gets front-page billing? Natch — the Arizona Cardinals’ schedule for next fall. You know, the NFL, that non-profit collective.

— Mike Budenholzer, Atlanta’s NBA Coach of the Year, finally gave Danny Ferry (richly deserved) credit for being the architect of […]

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Playoff Happiness

The New Orleans Pelicans made the playoffs the last day of the season, defeating the San Antonio Spurs. How refreshing it was to see how genuinely happy the players were that they had earned a playoff spot -- especially when we are enduring a period in NBA history where there seems to be a [...]

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How about Atlanta resting five players against Charlotte, a playoff contender? I wonder how the other teams fighting for that eighth spot feel?

Trailing the Portland Trail Blazers by 30 points, the Phoenix Suns took a time out. Some of the players -- Gerald Green, P.J Tucker and one of the Morris [...]

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Injuries to Jabari Parker , Joel Embiid, and Julius Randle have made Andrew Wiggins the front runner for rookie of the year honors. One tweet even said, “Andrew Wiggins has serious bounce.”

Well, a serious investigation should be launched if Nikola Mirotic isn’t adjudged the NBA’s foremost rookie in 2014-15. The 23rd overall pick [...]

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