The Draft Aftermath

“GOING YOUNG” was the Arizona Republic headline and the Phoenix Suns, per usual, were ecstatic. Why? Well, they had got both “their guys,” but, hang on; it gets better.

“SUNS BUY MORE TIME WITH PAIR OF INTRIGUING PICKS” was attached to a column by Dan Bickley, the Republic’s NFL football guru who dabbles in NBA commentary. […]

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Dominant NBA Draftees

Thanks to Mr. Research, we have some numbers for the Analytics before this NBA draft. We all know how much they love numbers. Back in the day – now close to being “long ago” — when the No. 1 pick of the NBA draft was more often than not a dominant big man, this was […]

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A Dissenting MVP Vote


No question, LeBron James was outstanding and played very well. But Kyrie Irving should have been MVP. James got it because he’s the face of the franchise but Irving’s 30, 34, 41, 23 and 26-point games coincided with the Cavs’ comeback. His huge third quarter Sunday lifted Cleveland from a halftime deficit and his three-pointer […]

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The Suns’ Side of the Draft


Phoenix Suns are eyeing Jaylen Brown, Cal’s Pac-12 Freshman of the Year, as a candidate for their No. 4 pick. An athletic 6-foot-7, 225-pounder, the 19-year-old’s physique has the Analytics drooling. He talks, too: “I think having a high level of intelligence translates right to the basketball court. I play chess all the time. I […]

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Today’s ‘Petulant’ NBA Game

Columnist Dan Bickley, of the Arizona Republic, wrote this about today’s game: “(Adam Silver’s) NBA is approaching something of a breaking point. Unprepared and undeveloped college players are still making the game shrivel.” And, he added: “Parity is a myth, and this past season, the league was full of disappointing, underachieving, petulant teams.” Meaning: There […]

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