The Milwaukee Bucks are going to interview a woman, Becky Hammon for their coaching position.  She is an ex WNBA Player and longtime Assistant Coach in San Antonio.  My first thought was with all the good paying  jobs  in college and the WNBA, why the hell would she want to coach in the NBA?

After thinking […]

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If you had any doubt about who should be the NBA MVP, all you had to do was watch the San Antonio Spurs/Golden State game until Kawhi Leonard got hurt.  You can take it to the bank, the most valuable player in the NBA is Leonard.

If you still had any doubt about the NBA MVP, check […]

The NBA Today

Watching the NBA today is pretty painful. An evening generally begins with the NBA TV program, “The Starters.” Where the hell these guys came from, God only knows. When the games begin, we have children playing with children, referees scared to death to make a call and TV analysts talking about things they never did […]

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More Coaching Thoughts

Okay, the San Antonio vein popped up – no pun intended — in the recent GM hire in Brooklyn. The Nets hired Sean Marks, ex-player and assistant GM with the San Antonio Spurs. He quickly hired as his head coach Kenny Atkinson, who was an Atlanta Hawks assistant coach under Mike Budenholzer, who had served […]

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