Tanking — or Dumping?

Today, it is called “tanking.” In the early 1950s, we had an enormous point-shaving, or “dumping,” scandal involving a dozen major colleges in New York City and around the country. In recent years, thanks to people like Sam Hinkie — one of the analytic gurus — we have tanking (losing unashamedly and, often, intentionally) to […]

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Booker and 70 Points

We all know Devin Booker is special. No question. And scoring 70 points is a quite a feat, especially so at age 20. There are players today you could put in a gym all by themselves for half a day and they wouldn’t score 70 points. However, after Booker’s big game, Boston’s Jae Crowder nailed […]

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Impact of 3-Pointers

Remember the ABA? You know, the league with the much-ridiculed red, white and blue ball, and a bunch of little guys running around shooting 3s? The latter weapon was introduced to help the little guy in a game dominated by big men. It also mostly was used to allow a team hopelessly behind a chance […]

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Is this Pro-Hoops Game Plan?

File this under “survival plan for getting along (while continuing to bank endless millions).” Cribbed by Mister Research from a European soccer blog but its application to present-day Pro-Hoop’s game plan is undeniable:

–Keep expectations at a minimum, avoid pressure at all costs, embrace mediocrity. Let it wash over you. Easy does it.

–No one will expect […]

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