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Erstwhile ASU standout and present-day NBA all-star James Harden was in town with the Houston Rockets to play the Phoenix Suns. Seeing him reminded me of a story about Michael Jordan. At the time he came into the league, it was said Dean Smith, Jordan’s college mentor at North Carolina, had done […]

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NBA Celebrations

Sunday night, the Phoenix Suns brought back Kevin Johnson to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of his playoff dunk over Houston Hall of Fame center Hakeem Olajuwon. But, speaking of anniversaries, there was none in New Orleans, a week ago, to recall the 50-year anniversary of a threatened player boycott at the 1964 All-Star game in […]

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The NBA’s Biggest Draft Busts

The “experts” are rating the NBA’s biggest draft busts. Just so you know, Harold Miner (Baby Jordan), selected 12th overall in 1992, was the top pick of the Miami Heat. Yes, Yours Truly was responsible for that pick. Also, not listed was William Bedford, the Phoenix Suns’ No. 1 pick in 1986 […]

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Did Spurs Sleep Too Much During the Rodeo?

Friday night (Feb. 21), San Antonio, winding up its annual “rodeo trip,” came into Phoenix minus Tony Parker and was blown out, 106-85. After I stopped laughing, I asked myself why the Spurs were so tired. During the nine-game span, they had five days off during the All-Star break. Now, unless Pop […]

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Just got back from a Press Conference in Norfolk,Virginia promoting “The Virginia Squires Reunion scheduled for May 1 and 2. Plans for the occasion include a basketball clinic for disadvantaged and military children on Thursday,conducted by 76ers legend,Wali Jones, followed by a VIP reception. On Friday,May 2,there will be a Virginia Squires […]

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Beware of Quick-Change Artists

Last week, the Cleveland Cavaliers let go GM Chris Grant, and Sunday, the Detroit Pistons fired coach Maurice Cheeks and … presto! The Cavs promptly ran off three wins in a row and the Pistons pounced on the “model franchise,” the rodeo-tripping San Antonio Spurs. Wow, what turn-arounds! But … I have seen this […]

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Nobody Asked Me But–Alex Len

— ALEX LEN, the Suns’ first-round draft choice in 2013, says he is not sure about playing for Ukraine this summer [at the FIBA World Cup]. Remember, he missed all last summer after left ankle surgery. He also said this summer is going to be one of the biggest in his career. […]

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Nobody Asked Me, But …

— GORAN DRAGIC, except for a short period, has been on the basketball court for most of the past year and late this summer, in Spain, will be playing for his native Slovenia in the FIBA World Cup. I say forget the [Taco Bell – but NOT forget the sponsor’s name!] Skills […]

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