Tanking — or Dumping?

Today, it is called “tanking.” In the early 1950s, we had an enormous point-shaving, or “dumping,” scandal involving a dozen major colleges in New York City and around the country. In recent years, thanks to people like Sam Hinkie — one of the analytic gurus — we have tanking (losing unashamedly and, often, intentionally) to […]

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Sam Hinkie Exits From “The Process”

Reading Sam Hinkie’s THIRTEEN-page resignation letter http://bit.ly/1VPk1X7 left me (almost) speechless.   After reading it the second time, I have come to a conclusion: the guy could qualify as certifiable.

So … all you Hinkie apologists, stop with the making excuses and get the man some help!

I might add, after many years in the business, anayltics need to […]

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