The Suns’ talking point this year is “time to rise”. Let’s all hope it is time to rise and shine. I am pulling for Coach Igor. I hope he really does well in his first Head Coaching job.   Like many of the  Phoenix Suns fans, I am tired of watching this nonsense of the last five years.

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We’re back.  New software, new puppy, Maggie, 8 month goldendoddle, and getting ready for the new NBA season. In 2016, the Sacramento Kings traded Marquese Chriss, the number eight pick in the first round (a local kid) to the Phoenix Suns. At that time, I pointed out that in his first year at the University of […]

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While still trying to process the Rick Welts, NBA Hall of Fame Nomination, this gem caught my attention.  After five years, the Suns GM has quit re-building.   This of course, after Devin Booker came out and said he was tired of losing.  I think most people are tired of watching this mess and what has […]

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It’s that time of the year,folks.  The Suns are at it again with the worst record in the NBA including being blown out in many  of their games.  The Suns are now talking about drafting another 19 year old and being aggressive in the free agent market.  As a matter of fact, one scribe even […]

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Phoenix Suns In Today’s NBA Game

For me, today’s NBA game  is very hard to watch.  I do have some observations.  Shouldn’t the Suns’s agent Issiah Cannaan, three agent assignee, that knows how to play, is hungry and can shoot-get more minutes?  It makes me wonder, who makes that call?

Doesn’t it make sense  that Jared Dudley should be playing more  minutes […]

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