NBA Tired?

After Houston’s season-ending loss to Golden State, an interviewer asked James Harden if he was tired and exhausted.  After a short pause, he said, ”I’m 25 years old, man.”

End of interview and end of story.

But here’s another story: When I was a young man, just turned 24 and playing in the All-Army tournament at Fort […]

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2015 NBA Draft

A little less than four weeks left until June 25 and the Suns, of course, “will take the best player available.” By the time lucky number pick 13 rolls around, the children will be off the board and an old (22) guy like Wisconsin’s workhorse seven-footer, Frank Kaminsky, might still be around. I’m waiting until […]

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Harden MVP Worthy

The dogs were out after Game 6 between Houston and the LA Clippers.  James Harden was not in the game when his team roared back from a huge deficit and won “going away” to force a seventh game.   Back in Houston, though, he did what an MVP runner-up should do and, like what he did […]

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Isiah Thomas

Rich Eisen, NFL Network, tweeted this discerning quip:

 “Isiah Thomas must have pictures of every single employer on Earth.”  

And so Isiah Thomas goes back to work for James Dolan as an executive with the WNBA New York Liberty. Never mind, apparently, that when he departed his New York Knicks’ front-office job, he was the focus […]

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The NBA Draft Combine at Chicago

Along with all the measurements the analytical numbers guys love, this year’s camp is having more 5 on 5 scrimmages.   Could you imagine, say, a Larry Bird going through Chicago Camp and not being given the opportunity of playing 5 on 5?  How would anyone have known that he really knew how to play – […]

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The Exhausted Young Men of the NBA

The NBA wants to extend next year’s schedule, so as to eliminate some of the (dreaded) back-to-back games.  Yup, back-to-back games are just tooooo demanding for a league loaded with young (and getting younger) men.

The evidence was there, at the tag end of the season … all those DNP listings in the box scores. DNP, […]

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Houston-Clippers TV Commentary

Subject: Houston-Clippers TV Commentary

A couple of Reggie Miller gems:

1. Calling a MANDATORY television time out by Doc Rivers “a great time out.”

2. Saying “every team needs a Matt Barnes.”

With regard to the Clippers’ Barnes, it almost seems like every team already has had him.

To recap, the UCLA product was the 46th pick of the […]

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