We’re back.  New software, new puppy, Maggie, 8 month goldendoddle, and getting ready for the new NBA season. In 2016, the Sacramento Kings traded Marquese Chriss, the number eight pick in the first round (a local kid) to the Phoenix Suns. At that time, I pointed out that in his first year at the University of Washington, Chris, averaged four personal fouls a game.  It was also noted that he argued every questionable call by the Referees.  His Mother even sent him to a sports psychologist.  Some of the same problems has had him collecting more fouls (one every 6 minutes) than any other starter in his Rookie season with the Suns.  Not to mention, he was still talking back to officials.

So, who knew? Sacramento apparently knew of the problem and was willing to trade him to the Phoenix Suns.  If the Suns didn’t know they should have.

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Al Bianchi
Al Bianchi is a former professional basketball player, coach, general manager, consultant and scout. He now resides full-time in Phoenix and does independent consulting and scouting for teams desirous of his experience in both the NBA and college basketball.

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