If you had any doubt about who should be the NBA MVP, all you had to do was watch the San Antonio Spurs/Golden State game until Kawhi Leonard got hurt.  You can take it to the bank, the most valuable player in the NBA is Leonard.

If you still had any doubt about the NBA MVP, check […]

Mr. Research

Sometime during the night of May 2nd  and the morning of May 3,2017,J Michael Kenyon, alias, Mr. Research, passed away in Port Orford, Oregon at the age of 73.  We knew each other for over 50 years and were in the final stages of completing my book, “The Journeyman”.  He was one of the most […]

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Utah Jazz Proven Formula


How ‘bout all that Jazz? And three road wins, for a chaser! Mix a little old (George Hill, Joe Johnson and Boris Diaw) with some young (Gordy Hayward), add a big man (Rudy Gobert) who plays like the big men of the past (not a “stretch 5”) and, low and behold, Utah wins a Western […]

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