High Basketball I.Q

Playing with the Phoenix Suns Kiddie Corps, Jared Dudley’s basketball I.Q. has skyrocketed to nearly genius level.  We always thought Dudley knew how to play but give the Suns’ brain trust credit for bringing him back. There’s a message here, too, for those analytically inclined: knowing how to play is something you see and feel, […]

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Rule 10: Some Enforcement, Please

They’re ten or more games into the NBA season and as far as Mr. Research and I are able to discern, the NBA once again is going to resist enforcing those sections of Rule 10 which address palming and/or running with the ball.  It’s amazing what the guards in this league can accomplish while palming the […]

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Name Recognition

No surprise that the Arizona Diamondbacks, after (another) disappointing season, gave the gate to both manager Chip Hale and GM Dave Stewart. But why is Tony La Russa – the “chief baseball officer” – still in harness? Do you think it’s because he’s figured out how to be the Invisible Man?

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Some Things Never Change

This tidbit from Mr. Research:

“Herb Kohl (owner, Milwaukee Bucks): When I bought our team, way back in ’85, I was sitting, having dinner with David Stern. And he said, ‘I want to tell you something. Every owner that I’ve ever dealt with, early in their ownership, has called me and said one thing.’ I said, ‘What is […]

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