While still trying to process the Rick Welts, NBA Hall of Fame Nomination, this gem caught my attention.  After five years, the Suns GM has quit re-building.   This of course, after Devin Booker came out and said he was tired of losing.  I think most people are tired of watching this mess and what has […]

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When winning, particularly play-off games, meant a bigger paycheck,after games we did not hug  each other.   Coaches frowned upon even talking to opponents  in pre-game warm ups.  So, when  after the last two games of the Utah-OKC series, players  walked  off the floor without  hugging  each other, I loved it.

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Mr. Research has been gone since April 2017 and I really miss him.  So, every once in a while, I will share with you one of his research finds:  “I am reminded about Bob Knight’s perhaps apocryphal reply to one of his Hoosiers when the lad told the coach the team win if God willed […]

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  1. For years, in the NBA, the home team wore their white uniforms and of course, road teams wore their team colors.    I don’t know why they changed it and now we have to watch  teams with some of the ugliest uniforms ever seen.
  2. Why the hell do teams travel players that are injured […]
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It’s that time of the year,folks.  The Suns are at it again with the worst record in the NBA including being blown out in many  of their games.  The Suns are now talking about drafting another 19 year old and being aggressive in the free agent market.  As a matter of fact, one scribe even […]

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