This All-Star Weekend, February 16-18, Representatives from both the NBA Players Association and the NBA Referees will meet to discuss officiating problems.

No one ask me but here’s what needs to happen before NBA Basketball continues to resemble “Roller Derby” and someone gets seriously hurt:

  1. Start enforcing Rule #10 where palming and running with the ball […]

Rule 10: Some Enforcement, Please

They’re ten or more games into the NBA season and as far as Mr. Research and I are able to discern, the NBA once again is going to resist enforcing those sections of Rule 10 which address palming and/or running with the ball.  It’s amazing what the guards in this league can accomplish while palming the […]

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NBA Roller Derby

You all see it, night after night, game after game, whether it’s OKC-San Antonio, or Toronto-Indiana, or Golden State-Portland. After the game, Ken Mauer says we should have seen Waiters fouling Ginobli. And the league’s day-after “two-minute report” says DeRozan made “body contact” with Mahinmi, “dislodging him and affecting his ability to catch the alley-oop […]