This week, the Suns hired Jeff Hornacek as their coach, who is also their best shooter.  Nowhere in any of the reports will you read about John MacLeod’s influence in the development of Jeff Hornacek.  If it wasn’t for John’s patience, it could have been a close call.  The year Jeff […]

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Last week, Brian Colangelo was moved upstairs.  The only problem as my good friend, Johnny Kerr, used to say, “it was a one story building”.


Right now we are in the Steve Nash two man game era.  Is it possible we could be going back to the […]

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Players and Coaches:
According to an article in the Daily News by Mitch Lawrence,, Chris Paul’s  preference is to stay with the Clippers but he would like a black coach. How dumb is that?  Even if he was thinking that why in the heck would he come out and say it?  So he now […]

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In my previous blogs, I listed four of Scotty McDonald’s Defensive Commandments.  I am going to list the remaining defensive commandments so you can look at some of the  similarities that we talked about in an earlier blog. We will start with rule 5;
Rule 5: “Don’t let your man establish offensive center position against […]

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Credit to the Philly Sportswriters
The sports writers in Philly who have recently covered the analytics should be commended for letting the fans know who they are, where they came from and just exactly what they do.  Since they have infiltrated the NBA, they have been working undercover.  Now, the fans can scrutinize them like […]

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Marcus Hayes,” Daily News” Sports Columnist
I enjoyed reading your article of  May 13 and the references to the number guys (nerds).   I try to keep up with  my old team via email whenever I can.  If I may, let me give you some observations.  Replacing Collins is not his most urgent […]

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Serge Ibaka —Blocking Shots 
Will someone tell Ibaka he does not need to block every shot.  Bill Russell always said that he only blocked one or two shots a game but you never knew when they were coming.  That means he changed a lot of shots.  Trust me I was there.  At that time, the […]

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Rules 3 and 4 

Rule 3: Establish board control at the start of each game-even if you have to clobber some guy to do so-the first six minutes of each game is the time we establish ownership of the boards at each end of the courts. 
Rule 4: The first six minutes of the second half […]
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Defensive Rules 1 and 2 :
Oops, I almost forgot to tell you who Scotty McDonald was.  Scotty McDonald was a player and a coach in the Pete Newell – Phil Woolpert era, from the 50’s-80’s.  He also was a lawyer and it was said “that he worked as […]

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Scotty McDonald’s 30 Defensive Rules:
Preparing for Scotty McDonald’s Defensive Rules for my blog, I found this interesting article by Zach Lowe,”Lights,Camera,Revolution”, 3- 19 -13,on Grantland’s website.   It is as he explains an analytic transformation that the NBA is undergoing and is the most important innovation in […]

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