The ongoing Russell Westbrook triple-double watch prompted this gem from my man, Mister Research: March 13, 1966, at Madison Square Garden before 14,398, the Philadelphia 76ers defeated the NY Knicks, 115-113, on Chet Walker’s short jumper with 27 seconds left. Al Bianchi saw limited service and scored four points, Wilt Chamberlain hooped 25 to go […]

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Back in Phoenix as coach of the Knicks, Jeff Hornacek basically said this about his dismissal by the Suns: “Trying to play three point guards was unmanageable.”  Okay, he’s right. But who was wrong? I recall two assistant coaches being let go and another moved upstairs. But I don’t remember someone in the Suns’ front […]

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You all have heard it, cavernous arenas filled with fans, many of them chanting, urging, “Defense! Defense! DEFENSE!”

Coaches and players – and the talking heads on TV – all give lip service to “stops” and it’s always been that way: we talk about defense … but play offense.

Playing defense gets you awards. Playing offense gets […]

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