After the Suns lost to the Brooklyn Nets – a franchise-worst 8th straight home loss — the Arizona Republic suggested the “losing effort has become expected and fans in a sparse crowd validated it by not booing.” Really? How about fans just staying away from a record-tying 13th consecutive setback?

While on the Suns, Alex Len […]

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1. Not making a contractual commitment to Goran Dragic, and letting him hang for a year, thinking he wouldn’t get sideways, was fantasy.

2.  The signing of Isiah Thomas and the notion  you could play three Point Guards, keep them happy and not getting your team sideways was utter fantasy.

3. Signing Eric Bledsoe to a long-term contract […]

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The Suns finally dealt Markieff Morris to Washington for a protected first-round pick and some cap relief. The two players sent from the Wizards were Kris Humphries, whose intellectual caliber led him to marry a Kardashian, and DeJuan Blair, probably the only man in history to somehow play without an anterior cruciate ligament in EITHER […]

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NBA All-Star ‘Game’


In the ever-dimming past, NBA All-Star games were competitive events. They were important to players and coaches because winning the game meant a few more dollars. Not so today. Last night, the 196 to 173 event/show was entertainment for the sponsors and a chance for owners to mingle with the stars and be in the […]

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There are so many things wrong with the Sun, one scarcely knows where to begin. Let’s discuss the twin trouble represented by the Morris family. During the All-Star break, hopefully, someone in the Suns’ front office will have told interim coach Earl Watson to put a sock in it. His tweet in the wake of […]

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Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA, during All-Star weekend announced there will be no rule change regarding the “Hack-A-Shaq” controversy. After surveying fans, and conversing with network partners and, of course, the GMs and owners, Silver seems unsure of how to proceed. He says he’s concerned about players jumping on a player’s back during a […]

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John MacLeod

Did you know? The last Phoenix coach to win more games in a subsequent season than in his first year was … John MacLeod.The winningest years of subsequent Suns’ head coaches Cotton Fitzsimmons, Paul Westphal, Danny Ainge, Scott Skiles, Frank Johnson, Mike D’Antoni, Alvin Gentry, and Jeff Hornacek all came in their first full season […]

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