Running Out of Assistant Coaches

Remember last year when the Suns missed the playoffs? Assistant coach Mark West was moved upstairs in a one-story building. Assistant coach Kenny Gattison was not asked back. Yesterday, the Suits tried to cover their asses – read that: “shaking things up” — and fired top assistant Jerry Sichting and defensive coordinator Mike Longabardi. Will […]

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Stephen Curry

Bet on it, folks. I’ve seen ‘em all and Stephen Curry is the best shooter I have ever seen. No one shoots the threes as easily and with the range he has. Eventually, because of Curry, kids coming out of high school and college will become better shooters. Now, on NBA highlight film, you not […]

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Markieff Morris Fiasco

Unless you have been through it as a player, and as a coach, you have no real idea of the impact a disgruntled player can have. It’s like a dark cloud hovering over a team, getting everybody out of sync. The players become uncomfortable, which makes the coaches uncomfortable and, eventually, it all shows up […]

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Keeping the Analytics Busy

Here are some stats from Paul Coro, beat writer for the Phoenix Suns. This is what those busy “analytics” do and I’m not kidding. According to NBA Player Tracking Stats, Brandon Knight – when not being cited for flopping — has run 2.57 miles this season. Only Chicago’s Jimmy Butler and Washington’s Bradley Beal and […]

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Referees, or Robots?

Remember back to a day when the referees had style and personality and were, for all intents, an integral part of the show? From a player standpoint, you knew how certain refs were going to call the game. As a matter of fact, part of the pre-game talk was whether the refs were going to […]

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Dolph Schayes

Yesterday, a grand player, a great teammate, and a special friend passed on. Unless you played with Dolph, you could never really appreciate how good he really was.

He was not particularly athletic but he could rebound with the best of them, and he could shoot, equally well, with both hands.

In one play-off series, limited by […]

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Memo to Adam Silver

Commissioner, PULEEZE pay attention to what is happening to the NBA game today. Let me refer to Rule #10 — Violations and Penalties:

Section II — Dribble

d. A player who is dribbling may not put any part of his hand under the ball and (1) carry it from one point to another or (2) bring it […]

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Crack in the Analytical Armor

Hopefully, the selection by the 76ers of Jerry Colangelo, a basketball purist, will be the beginning of the end of the analytic revolution that has taken pro basketball by the throat in recent years.
Finally … the fans, the press and the ownership, in particular, may be tiring of the lack of urgency. The “be patient” […]

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Matt Barnes

Last year when Matt Barnes was with the Clippers, Reggie Miller chirped up and announced, “Every NBA team needs a Matt Barnes.”  Wouldn’t you know it? Guess who now has a place on the Memphis roster? Admittedly, it just SEEMS like every team, literally, has had a Matt Barnes but, in fact, he’s only been […]

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Assistants vs. Players

In the old days, NBA rosters were capped at ten or 11 players but, often, because of injuries, teams would suit as few as seven or eight players. Today, if you’re paying attention and counting noses in the huddle, NBA teams have more assistant coaches than we had players.****

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