After all is said and done, what we found out is that the so-called “elite teams” are not as good as their hype and the so-called “mid-majors” are better than people think. And that, as we all know, is because they keep their kids in a program for four years. ++++

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Nash & The Point Guard Revolution

Setting Oscar Robertson & Ervin “Magic” Johnson to one side, NBA teams for three decades seldom, if ever, devoted No. 1 draft picks to point guards. Not until the Rockets grabbed John Lucas (1976) did a “small” man get the top spot. And then it was another 20 years, until 1996, before it happened […]

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A Couple of Underrateds

I said it before and I will say it again: ”Mike Conley is one of the most underrated point guards in the NBA.” No one controls the game better. While I am at it, Joakim Noah is the most underrated big man. Chicago is staying competitive because of him. I’ve got to […]

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Ish Smith

Bledsoe’s injury and, later, Barbosa’s mishap gave Ish Smith his chance. Because of all the pee-wee guards now in the NBA, he could become an invaluable tool for the Phoenix Suns.

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The center position in the “new” NBA is becoming obsolete. Wayne Embry coined that phrase, just the other night. Check it out … for he’s absolutely right on. Check my previous blog: “No Country for Old Men and No League for Big Men”.

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It’s that time of the year in the NBA, folks. Injured players on bad teams are willing to admit they are not coming back (Kobe Bryant). We all knew that there was no need for Kobe to come back. Injured players on good teams are anxious to return (Eric Bledsoe). Bledsoe would have […]

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Responding to an article by Keith Pompey last September in the Philadelphia Daily News, I said this: Evan Turner is a “Tweener,” a player who comes into the NBA with no true position. History informs us “Tweeners” are most effective on good teams when they can fulfill multiple roles. Evan Turner […]

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Phoenix Suns

The Suns have lost some games recently but everyone needs to take a deep breath, relax, and bask in the successes they’ve enjoyed. I thought back in October they could win 29 or 30 games; now they’ve won 33, and still have 25 games to go and are in the thick of the fight for […]

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