When winning, particularly play-off games, meant a bigger paycheck,after games we did not hug  each other.   Coaches frowned upon even talking to opponents  in pre-game warm ups.  So, when  after the last two games of the Utah-OKC series, players  walked  off the floor without  hugging  each other, I loved it.

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Utah Jazz Proven Formula


How ‘bout all that Jazz? And three road wins, for a chaser! Mix a little old (George Hill, Joe Johnson and Boris Diaw) with some young (Gordy Hayward), add a big man (Rudy Gobert) who plays like the big men of the past (not a “stretch 5”) and, low and behold, Utah wins a Western […]

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Mr. Research Off the Reservation and the NBA


Title: Mr. Research Off the Reservation and the NBA
DeMarcu$ Cou$in$, Rajon Rondo and Darren Colli$on are among the many $Acramento King$ being ‘re$sted’ during the final, two-game road trip.  Of cour$e , not a one of them were required to beat the haple$$ Phoenix $uns Monday night except $eldom u$ed $eth Curry, looking like his brother( 20pt. […]