Titles Are Only for the Few

Lest anyone get the idea wearing the NBA crown is an easy thing, remember:

There have been 18 expansion teams … but only eight of those franchises have won titles, 16 of them in total. Three of the eight franchises have won multiple titles (Chicago 6, Miami 3, Houston, nee San Diego, 2).

There were four ABA […]

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Some are concerned Alex Len – maybe the Suns’ most valuable piece – is having trouble shooting. I dunno if this relates to his “mentor,” Tyson Chandler, having played 15 years in the league with no other offensive moves than a dunk shot and a put-back. But it makes sense just to give Len some […]

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“Captain of the team” Robert Sarver, as the apologetic owner referred to himself in Sunday’s disquieting interview with the Arizona Republic’s basketball writer, said he feels better about where the Phoenix Suns are than at any other point in the past 18 months.

And then he said GM Robert McDonough “definitely” will keep his job, despite […]

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Goose Gossage’s Wonderful Rant, Uncensored


What Rich (Goose) Gossage, Hall of Fame pitcher, said in last week’s tirade about the state of baseball might easily apply to the so-called “analytics” in basketball. “The game is becoming a freaking joke,” he said, “because of the nerds who are running it. I’ll tell you what has happened, these guys played rotisserie baseball […]

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How Far Has Scouting Come In 60 years?

Thanks to Mr. Research, we have a memory from Marty Blake, the late, longtime NBA director of scouting:

“Years ago, nobody scouted. We didn’t have the funds. My first trip scouting in ’54, I paid my own way by bus to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri to see AL BIANCHI, who later became an NBA player […]

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Making Points In The NBA

Thanks to Mr. Research, we have this — in 1965-1966, my last season as a player, teams averaged a shade over 115 points a game. I mean, EVERY team in the league. Of course, that was without three-point scoring. NBA teams today are averaging 102.3 ppg. Why do you think that is? Could it be, […]

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