When winning, particularly play-off games, meant a bigger paycheck,after games we did not hug  each other.   Coaches frowned upon even talking to opponents  in pre-game warm ups.  So, when  after the last two games of the Utah-OKC series, players  walked  off the floor without  hugging  each other, I loved it.

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  •  Look for Goran Dragic numbers to increase seriously now that D Wade is in Chicago. It also will be interesting to see if Wade’s numbers are going to be worth $47.5 million over two seasons in the Windy City.
  •  How swell would it be if the Phoenix Suns’ back-court starters this season were Goran […]
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Kevin Durant

Okay, so maybe Jerry West’s phone call helped Kevin Durant make his decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors. But I believe, when OKC blew a 3-1 lead against Golden State and probably could have gone on to defeat Cleveland, it was a no-brainer for KD. In addition, he can opt out after one […]

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NBA Roller Derby

You all see it, night after night, game after game, whether it’s OKC-San Antonio, or Toronto-Indiana, or Golden State-Portland. After the game, Ken Mauer says we should have seen Waiters fouling Ginobli. And the league’s day-after “two-minute report” says DeRozan made “body contact” with Mahinmi, “dislodging him and affecting his ability to catch the alley-oop […]