The NBA Today

Watching the NBA today is pretty painful. An evening generally begins with the NBA TV program, “The Starters.” Where the hell these guys came from, God only knows. When the games begin, we have children playing with children, referees scared to death to make a call and TV analysts talking about things they never did […]

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NBA Roller Derby

You all see it, night after night, game after game, whether it’s OKC-San Antonio, or Toronto-Indiana, or Golden State-Portland. After the game, Ken Mauer says we should have seen Waiters fouling Ginobli. And the league’s day-after “two-minute report” says DeRozan made “body contact” with Mahinmi, “dislodging him and affecting his ability to catch the alley-oop […]

A Common-sense Violation

I’m still gob-smacked at something I saw near the end of Game 5 at Toronto, on which the Raptor-Pacer series turned, featured the home team’s and which fourth-quarter comeback. It happened after the Raptors’ 15-2 run tied the game at 92 … Indiana, desperately trying to right the ship, had called time out.

You know […]

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