The Curse of Donald Sterling?

The Curse of Donald Sterling once-dysfunctional Los Angeles Clippers, on their way to respectability, are again struck by disaster, what with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin both on the hospital list. Question: was it the curse of Donald Sterling or was it just the fates intervening to spare us TV glimpses of the “courtside goofball” […]

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More Coaching Thoughts

Okay, the San Antonio vein popped up – no pun intended — in the recent GM hire in Brooklyn. The Nets hired Sean Marks, ex-player and assistant GM with the San Antonio Spurs. He quickly hired as his head coach Kenny Atkinson, who was an Atlanta Hawks assistant coach under Mike Budenholzer, who had served […]

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Coaching Merry-go-round

You know how I feel about “The Suits” in the front office of the Suns. I am happy, though, that an ex-NBA player, Earl Watson, got the permanent head coaching job. I just hope they made the decision sans player sentiment. While I’m at it, I wish the general manager would stop saying nonsense such […]

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2016 Draft xpectations

The Atlanta Hawks were last year’s surprise team.  This year it is the Boston Celtics.  After a 48-win season, they are looking forward to the June 23 NBA draft.  The one thing most people seem to forget, however, is that a first-round draft choice in this day and age isn’t anything like a first-round draft pick was […]

Mr. Research Off the Reservation and the NBA


Title: Mr. Research Off the Reservation and the NBA
DeMarcu$ Cou$in$, Rajon Rondo and Darren Colli$on are among the many $Acramento King$ being ‘re$sted’ during the final, two-game road trip.  Of cour$e , not a one of them were required to beat the haple$$ Phoenix $uns Monday night except $eldom u$ed $eth Curry, looking like his brother( 20pt. […]

Sam Hinkie Exits From “The Process”

Reading Sam Hinkie’s THIRTEEN-page resignation letter left me (almost) speechless.   After reading it the second time, I have come to a conclusion: the guy could qualify as certifiable.

So … all you Hinkie apologists, stop with the making excuses and get the man some help!

I might add, after many years in the business, anayltics need to […]

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