Please, can someone explain to me why NBA teams with little time remaining, are making 3s from the strong-side corner on sideline out-of-bound plays? If I see another game decided by a late-game corner 3, I am going to throw up. It happened yesterday afternoon to the Coach of the Year, Gregg Popovich, and […]

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On April 26, 2013, I said Kevin Durant is the man and should take most of the shots and that if Russell Westbrook was wired correctly because of his superior quickness, he could be a defensive force for the Oklahoma City Thunder. So what has happened now? Russell Westbrook is still shooting […]

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Subject: NBA Coach of the Year Votes Gregg Popovich (San Antonio Spurs) was selected by the league’s media as NBA coach of the year. Jeff Hornacek (Phoenix Suns), Tom Thibodeau (Chicago Bulls) and Steve Clifford (Charlotte Hornets) received strong consideration. All are deserving, I am sure. […]

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Let’s go back to the old system and let the college kids play in the Olympics. We have proved we have the best players in the world. If the foreign NBA players want to play in the Olympics, let them. Take away the obligations that American NBA players have to play for their […]

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Joakim Noah, Chicago Bulls, should win the MVP award, hands down. They lose Derrick Rose, their best player the last two years, then trade Luol Deng — and the team continues to win and be competitive. If you don’t think that is true, you’re not watching the right game film.

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We are just about at the end of the NBA season and people are talking about problems that could arise next year. I mean, playoffs or not, can’t we just enjoy what the Suns have accomplished this year?

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1. Who named LeBron James “King James”? 2. Was it the same guy that named Dwight Howard “Superman”? 3. Does anyone watch “The Starters” on NBA-TV? I feel better, already.

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With the playoffs just around the corner, it is a bad time of year to have your team sideways. Sideways was a term we used in Phoenix with John MacLeod to describe a team that was not together and had some internal problems going on . If you really want to see a […]

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The other night in the Dallas Maverick/ LA Clipper game, Darren Collison was called for a palming violation. Looked like he was in a state of shock because like most of the other high profile point guards that dominate the NBA today, they have been doing that since high school. […]

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More March Madness

I forgot to publish this blog after the Wisconsin/Arizona,last week. I thought you would enjoy reading it anyway. Charles Barkley doesn’t always get it right, but he was dead-on while interviewing Frank (The Tank) Kaminsky, star of the Wisconsin win over Arizona. “You had 28 points and you could have […]

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