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September 2018


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The Suns’ talking point this year is “time to rise”. Let’s all hope it is time to rise and shine. I am pulling for Coach Igor. I hope he really does well in his first Head Coaching job.   Like many of the  Phoenix Suns fans, I am tired of watching this nonsense of the last five years.


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We’re back.  New software, new puppy, Maggie, 8 month goldendoddle, and getting ready for the new NBA season. In 2016, the Sacramento Kings traded Marquese Chriss, the number eight pick in the first round (a local kid) to the Phoenix Suns. At that time, I pointed out that in his first year at the University of […]

May 2018


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The Milwaukee Bucks are going to interview a woman, Becky Hammon for their coaching position.  She is an ex WNBA Player and longtime Assistant Coach in San Antonio.  My first thought was with all the good paying  jobs  in college and the WNBA, why the hell would she want to coach in the NBA?

After thinking […]


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I like Coach Kokoskov.  I think after paying his dues as an Assistant Coach, he deserves a shot as the Head Coach. You may remember, he was the Assistant Coach with the Suns from 2008-2013 and probably had a lot to do with the acquisition of Goran Dragic. So my question is in 2013 Suns […]

April 2018


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While still trying to process the Rick Welts, NBA Hall of Fame Nomination, this gem caught my attention.  After five years, the Suns GM has quit re-building.   This of course, after Devin Booker came out and said he was tired of losing.  I think most people are tired of watching this mess and what has […]


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When winning, particularly play-off games, meant a bigger paycheck,after games we did not hug  each other.   Coaches frowned upon even talking to opponents  in pre-game warm ups.  So, when  after the last two games of the Utah-OKC series, players  walked  off the floor without  hugging  each other, I loved it.


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Playoff match ups are set in the Eastern NBA Conference.  The team from Canada, the Toronto Raptors, are in first place with the best record in the National Basketball Association. How about that?


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Mr. Research has been gone since April 2017 and I really miss him.  So, every once in a while, I will share with you one of his research finds:  “I am reminded about Bob Knight’s perhaps apocryphal reply to one of his Hoosiers when the lad told the coach the team win if God willed […]