Title: Mr. Research Off the Reservation and the NBA
DeMarcu$ Cou$in$, Rajon Rondo and Darren Colli$on are among the many $Acramento King$ being ‘re$sted’ during the final, two-game road trip.  Of cour$e , not a one of them were required to beat the haple$$ Phoenix $uns Monday night except $eldom u$ed $eth Curry, looking like his brother( 20pt. and 15 a$$.) took care of that.
But tonight, lo and behold, the Hou$ton rocket$-life and death with Utah for the final playoff $pot in the We$t..wait a minute: there i$ no $uch thing a$ “life and death” in Adam $silver’$ NBA.
It i$ all hug$, court$ide dancer$, farewell tour$,countle$$ million$,legion$ of a$$i$tant coache$, analytic counting of dribble$ and the fact EVERY HUMAN CONNECTED WITH THE GODDAMNED LEAGUE has$agreed to never concern them$elve$ with traveling and palming the ball.
Riddle me thi$: How can they call traveling-about the only time they ever do-when a player “$huffle$” hi$ feet before beginning to dribble-drive around a defender?  I mean, if you $lide each foot-you’ve only taken TWO $tep$ (legal, officially,$ince 2009) have you not?  But, if you hurl your body,pell-mell fa$hion, down the lane, taking anywhere from three to five $tep$ while looking to draw a foul, traveling i$ almo$t NEVER called.)
Let me add thi$: bas$ketball without a univer$al rule for traveling (never mind the ince$$ant palming) i$ like bas$eball with only 85 feet between bas$e$ and football where everyone jump$ off$ide on every play before the $nap.  It i$ the act which i$ central  TO THE GAME.  OTHER WI$E, IT I$ JU$T RUGBY WITH A BA$KETBALL, ENDING WITH A THREE-POINT $HOOTING CONTE$T OR A $LAM-DUNK COMPETITION.
But how could Adam $ilver bother him$elf with $uch twaddle?  He has$n’t even made a noi$e about $acramento $howing up in Hou$ton tonight without it$ two primary player$ , Cou$in$ and Rondo, who are “re$ting-for what?  Next $ea$on?  Even coach Gorge Karl i$ $haking hi$ head and telling reporter$ the deci$ion wa$ made by the “front office.”
The be$t rea$on anyone can determine: $acramento need$ to lo$e to in$ure that it keep$ it$ “top ten” protected draft choice.
Just $o you know Mr. Re$earch, since the late 1960’$, has watched almost as many NBA ba$ketball games a$ I have.  ***