It’s not so often someone like Steph Curry comes into the NBA with his imprint all over the game. The Portland/Golden State match-up was a classic example. Damian Lillard is a nice player. He can get his own shot and, for the most part, shoot the ball a lot. But he doesn’t do much for the guys around him. On the other hand, Curry’s presence vastly changes the game’s dynamics. If they counted assists in the NBA like they do in hockey, God knows how many assists Curry would have.

While I’m at it, I must make mention of Steve Nash who, when he was playing in Phoenix, redefined the two-man game. In the process, he made a lot of money for average players like Raja Bell and Quentin Richardson. (The latter, if you’ll recall, had a remarkable season for the Suns shooting 3s.) Nash was past master of the high pick-and-roll and the side pick-and-roll that have now become staples in the NBA.