I’ve always maintained if you want to prevent injuries in the NBA, give the players the summer off and let their bodies recover. Going at this another way, teams around the league – the Los Angeles Clippers most recently in the news on account of it – are getting deeper and deeper into collecting data, via biometric sensors, in order to monitor fatigue levels.

Oh, and guess what? Teams now have decided that more rested players tend to produce better performances.


Well, now … just a week into the exhibition season and what do we have?

Thursday night, at Greensboro NC Coliseum, the Boston Celtics romped past Charlotte, 107-92.

A day and a half later, Saturday afternoon, at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville CT, the Celtics pinned another loss on Charlotte, 104-86.

Now, get this: Two Charlotte starters from Thursday night — Nicolas Batum, Marvin Williams – and FOUR Celtic starters, Amir Johnson, Avery Bradley, Al Horton and Isaiah Thomas, all stayed on the bench “resting” during Saturday afternoon’s game – which started 42 hours after the Thursday night game ended. [In other words, not even a back-to-back situation.]