Booker and 70 Points

We all know Devin Booker is special. No question. And scoring 70 points is a quite a feat, especially so at age 20. There are players today you could put in a gym all by themselves for half a day and they wouldn’t score 70 points. However, after Booker’s big game, Boston’s Jae Crowder nailed […]

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A Lesson To Be Learned

Marquese Chriss collected so many fouls early in his frosh season at the University of Washington, his mother sent him to a sports psychologist. But some of the same problem has him collecting more fouls (one every six minutes) than any other NBA starter in his rookie season with Phoenix. And he’s talking back to […]

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The Process is Flawed

Securing their claim to the worst record in the West, the Suns lost to the L.A. Clippers Wednesday night, completing a dismal, 0-for-3 home stand. It is becoming painful to watch because of not knowing what the process is. But there are some things I do know — you can’t play 12 and 13 people, […]

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Back in Phoenix as coach of the Knicks, Jeff Hornacek basically said this about his dismissal by the Suns: “Trying to play three point guards was unmanageable.”  Okay, he’s right. But who was wrong? I recall two assistant coaches being let go and another moved upstairs. But I don’t remember someone in the Suns’ front […]

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High Basketball I.Q

Playing with the Phoenix Suns Kiddie Corps, Jared Dudley’s basketball I.Q. has skyrocketed to nearly genius level.  We always thought Dudley knew how to play but give the Suns’ brain trust credit for bringing him back. There’s a message here, too, for those analytically inclined: knowing how to play is something you see and feel, […]

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  •  Look for Goran Dragic numbers to increase seriously now that D Wade is in Chicago. It also will be interesting to see if Wade’s numbers are going to be worth $47.5 million over two seasons in the Windy City.
  •  How swell would it be if the Phoenix Suns’ back-court starters this season were Goran […]
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The Draft Aftermath

“GOING YOUNG” was the Arizona Republic headline and the Phoenix Suns, per usual, were ecstatic. Why? Well, they had got both “their guys,” but, hang on; it gets better.

“SUNS BUY MORE TIME WITH PAIR OF INTRIGUING PICKS” was attached to a column by Dan Bickley, the Republic’s NFL football guru who dabbles in NBA commentary. […]

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The Suns’ Side of the Draft


Phoenix Suns are eyeing Jaylen Brown, Cal’s Pac-12 Freshman of the Year, as a candidate for their No. 4 pick. An athletic 6-foot-7, 225-pounder, the 19-year-old’s physique has the Analytics drooling. He talks, too: “I think having a high level of intelligence translates right to the basketball court. I play chess all the time. I […]

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Coaching Merry-go-round

You know how I feel about “The Suits” in the front office of the Suns. I am happy, though, that an ex-NBA player, Earl Watson, got the permanent head coaching job. I just hope they made the decision sans player sentiment. While I’m at it, I wish the general manager would stop saying nonsense such […]

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