April 2018


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  1. For years, in the NBA, the home team wore their white uniforms and of course, road teams wore their team colors.    I don’t know why they changed it and now we have to watch  teams with some of the ugliest uniforms ever seen.
  2. Why the hell do teams travel players that are injured […]


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It’s that time of the year,folks.  The Suns are at it again with the worst record in the NBA including being blown out in many  of their games.  The Suns are now talking about drafting another 19 year old and being aggressive in the free agent market.  As a matter of fact, one scribe even […]

February 2018


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When Sacramento traded their leading scorer, Isaiah Thomas, to Phoenix lots of people were surprised.  When everyone in the world except Phoenix knew that you can’t play three  Point Guards, Thomas was moved on to Boston. Thomas scores a ton of points, makes the All Star Team and is the toast of the town.  Lo and […]


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This All-Star Weekend, February 16-18, Representatives from both the NBA Players Association and the NBA Referees will meet to discuss officiating problems.

No one ask me but here’s what needs to happen before NBA Basketball continues to resemble “Roller Derby” and someone gets seriously hurt:

  1. Start enforcing Rule #10 where palming and running with the ball […]

January 2018

Phoenix Suns In Today’s NBA Game

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For me, today’s NBA game  is very hard to watch.  I do have some observations.  Shouldn’t the Suns’s agent Issiah Cannaan, three agent assignee, that knows how to play, is hungry and can shoot-get more minutes?  It makes me wonder, who makes that call?

Doesn’t it make sense  that Jared Dudley should be playing more  minutes […]

November 2017

Tale Of Two Sports

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Cardinal Coach Bruce Arians said this about safety Budda Baker: “Rookies around Thanksgiving and the middle or the first of November shouldn’t be Rookies anymore. ” In the NBA with a bunch of children playing with children, no one seems to be in a hurry.  The NBA talks about “the process”, while the NFL has […]

October 2017


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This year the NBA D League has become the G League.  Could it be the NBA loaded with children playing with children has now become the NBA Development League? Think about it.

Dangerous Territory

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Earl Watson,coaching the Phoenix Suns that has won under twenty five games over the last two years and is light years away from making the playoffs, said this: “Devon Booker could be one of the greatest if not the greatest player ever to wear a Phoenix Suns uniform.”  That my friends is dangerous territory.  I […]

August 2017

Del Mar Holiday

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Well, I’m back.  Just spent time in Del Mar vising with children, grandchildren, and one great grandchild.  Of course, visited our money at the Del Mar Race track.  Everyone had a good time and the weather was great after the  AZ heat.  I’ll be back blogging for you but of course that has to come […]