The Rising Stars Challenge game is a Valentine’s Night feature of the East-West NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans. The players have been chosen by the (hundreds of) NBA assistant coaches. The big men selected among the 18 rookie and second-year players are Detroit’s Andre Drummond (12.6 pts, 12.7 rbds, 1.8 blks) and Toronto’s Jonas Valanciunas (10.4 pts, 8.7 rbds, 0.9 blks). Not chosen: Miles Plumlee, Phoenix (9.7 pts, 8.8 rbds, 1.8 blks). Okay — in the analytic-oriented NBA world, Drummond and Valanciunas’ numbers are slightly better. Forget, I guess, that Plumlee’s team, the Phoenix Suns, has a much better record, plays in the far stronger Western Conference, and is in line for a playoff spot? I think it’s a shame Miles Plumlee won’t be lining up with the other young stars (including his younger brother, Mason, of the Brooklyn Nets) on either Team Shaq or Team Chuck come Friday, Feb. 14 (9 p.m. ET, TNT).####