Back from my visit in Seattle with George Irvin and Dave Twardzik.  The weather was great, the basketball dialogue was great and the fresh dungeness crab was outstanding.  We talked a great deal about the NBA today and also the old ABA.  We all agreed the ABA was a struggle at times but we all thoroughly enjoyed out time in the ABA.  We talked about many things but let me share a couple of tidbits.

 In the 1976-77  NBA championship series between the Portland Trailblazers and the Philadelphia 76’ers, there were 5 ex ABA players: Dave Twardzik, Maurice Lucas and Caldwell Jones for Portland and Julius Erving and George  McGiniss for the Philadelphia 76er’s.  That was the year that the Portland Trailblazers won the NBA championship.  

Also, we all agreed that what Pete Newell said many years ago is very true today.  “Basketball is under taught and over coached.” There were some other tidbits but I can’t remember them all but as I do, I will pass them on.