Excerpts From My Book

Julius Erving – The ABA highlight film

We (Virginia Squires) signed him and never saw him play live. The film we did have against North Carolina, he fouled out before half time. We really didn’t have much to go on. However, at his press conference when he held his hands up to make a point, I turned to Johnny Kerr standing next to me and said “Oh Boy”.  The rest is history.

Michael Jordan – The Best

His greatness is defined by winning all those championships with that supporting cast. Come on tell me, who else could have won that many championships with that team. He just made everybody else better. And by the way, Scottie Pippen , was never the same when he left Michael.

Chamberlain versus Russell

In the 1966-67 season under Alex Hannum and a strong supporting cast ,Wilt and the 76er’s destroyed Boston and the league-winning 68 games-defeating Boston in 5 games-and defeating the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA championship. Wilt was right, he always said, Bill Russell had a better team all those years they won all those championships.

Oscar Robertson – Smart and very, very good

In those days, the scouting report on the big O was you didn’t have to worry about him much in the first quarter. This is how smart he was-he wanted to know who was ready to play that night and how hard he would have to work for the next three quarters