March 2017

Is this Pro-Hoops Game Plan?

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File this under “survival plan for getting along (while continuing to bank endless millions).” Cribbed by Mister Research from a European soccer blog but its application to present-day Pro-Hoop’s game plan is undeniable:

–Keep expectations at a minimum, avoid pressure at all costs, embrace mediocrity. Let it wash over you. Easy does it.

–No one will expect […]

February 2017

Anthony Davis and Wilt

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Anthony Davis, no question, is a special player. But, please, don’t compare his walk-in-the-park 52 points with Wilt Chamberlain’s previous record high of 42, which had stood for 55 years.
Of that that clash, won by the West, 150-130, in the St. Louis Arena, the hometown Post-Dispatch observed, “The game was hard fought, despite the fact […]

NBA All-Star Game

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For the owners, sponsors and their friends, it was apparently entertaining. For anyone who truly loves the actual game of basketball – definitely not a part of the multi-event circus at New Orleans – the weekend was an embarrassing mess.

The made-for-TV event was moved out of Charlotte because North Carolinians cannot figure out who is […]

Dolan to Oakley to Sprewell Parlay

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James Dolan, the irrepressible owner of the clown-like New York Knicks, last week engineered the Madison Square Garden banishment of former star Charles Oakley. Two days later, Dolan returned yet another ex-Knick, Latrell Sprewell, to a front-row seat. Sprewell, a big talent and an even bigger screwball, himself had been absent 13 years from the […]

A Lesson To Be Learned

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Marquese Chriss collected so many fouls early in his frosh season at the University of Washington, his mother sent him to a sports psychologist. But some of the same problem has him collecting more fouls (one every six minutes) than any other NBA starter in his rookie season with Phoenix. And he’s talking back to […]

The Process is Flawed

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Securing their claim to the worst record in the West, the Suns lost to the L.A. Clippers Wednesday night, completing a dismal, 0-for-3 home stand. It is becoming painful to watch because of not knowing what the process is. But there are some things I do know — you can’t play 12 and 13 people, […]

January 2017

Stars Who Don’t Play

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In mid-December Cleveland went to Memphis for the 27th game of the season — without LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

Part of giving LeBron, Love, and Kyrie the night off was to spare them, as one observer allowed, “the hassles of travel which even with luxury chartered planes, limo quality buses, and five-star hotels […]

NBA in the “Golden Age”

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Saturday, while in Mexico City, Commissioner Adam Silver said “the NBA is in the Golden Age of Basketball.” [I’m sure he meant to capitalize the phrase, too.] I hope he is correct, because there are a few of us that were there from the beginning that are still around. So, when they begin sharing that […]

Doug Collins

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The former star player and longtime coach, now a full-time television analyst, is as proficient at “color commentary” as anyone in the business and more so than most. I’ve often wondered, though, why all that knowledge didn’t translate into more success as a coach. Doug coached 11 years, missed the playoffs three times, saw his […]

Melo, Knicks Off the Tracks

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The Knicks are in the dumps and the wise guys on TV are trying to decide whether the Knicks should keep him or trade him. Carmelo Anthony never has been a player who makes players around him better. He has played some of his best basketball on the USA Olympic team. He obviously plays better […]